DIY In the Nations Capitol District of Columbia

Living in a historical district in the American capitol has always been a privilege and has been in a very profound fashion my DIY muse.iStock_000036923718_Large I just don’t know how a person can own a home here in capitol circle and not reflect upon our history. This nation was built by incredible people who not only put their hearts and souls into a great political revolution, but a self-reliant one. We fought to earn the right to settle our lands in peace and then to enjoy the bounty of our labors. We weren’t a welfare state when we started out. If you wanted something you had to work for it. A bigger house, a better job, a quality future? You’re going to have to make it happen for yourself. Which is why I became an avid do-it-yourselfer. How could I not want to work with my own hands to build my own life and future? So I bought a little giant ladder, a massive toolbox, and a bunch of “how-to for dummies” books and I discovered something amazing.

My DIY Discovery

The first project I attempted didn’t turn out so well. I mean that’s just how it works right? When you look at your handwriting in kindergarten it really does represent chicken scratch. But every year that passes and every paper you write, the next thing you know you’ve gained readable penmanship. Well, wielding a hammer and saw yields the same results. I built my kids a tree house with the first attempt. Why? Well because as long as it’s sturdy a tree house doesn’t HAVE to be aesthetically genius. Next I began renovations on the bedroom and after that the bathroom. And that was when the discovery hit me— DIY is the gift of gratitude!iStock_000007955752_Large

DIY is what we modern fools call the work that our ancestors did day in and day out. Self-reliance is not only productive, it’s a brilliant gift of empowering opportunity and the source of satisfaction with what we own. If you’ve worked and slaved to have the kitchen you want, the décor and paint and living room furnishings that you have you’re going to LOVE them! Materialism takes on a paler shade and you discover satisfaction and gratitude.

In a generation of entitlement and greed I think that DIY just might be the answer to our problems. God has granted us a powerful amount of capacity to provide for ourselves and when we live up to that gift we are more satisfied and far more capable of seeing the right choices. SO, join me! Let’s explore what we are capable of and lean on the foundation our forefathers built us.

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